Here’s your chance to practice the small actions which help make the air we breathe cleaner. Ozone Awareness Days are underway as part of the Little Steps Big Impact campaign. One small step which goes a long way in helping reduce ground-level ozone is by taking fewer trips by single occupancy vehicle. Riding the bus, riding your bike, walking or carpooling to work are easy ways to have a positive impact on air quality.

To encourage people to use alternative transportation Metro Transit is offering 50 cent fares and 25 cent transfers on weekdays now through July 31st. The 50 cent fare applies to both fixed and express routes. That’s a savings of 75 cents to $1.00 per ride. Take the first step. Try alternative transportation and, while you’re at it, log your commutes by one of these methods for the Live Well Omaha Commuter Challenge  powered by MAPA and Metro too.