What Can You Do?

More than half of the emissions that cause ground-level ozone come from daily activities and products we use. Here are some little steps you can take to make a big impact on the air you breathe:

Use Cleaner-Burning Biofuels

Select cleaner-burning, renewable biofuels when fueling your vehicle. Ethanol and biodiesel blends are available in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro area. All drivers can fill up with E10, and flex fuel vehicle drivers can use any ethanol blend up to E85. For more information, visit FixOurFuel.com/Omaha.

Start In Your Own Backyard.

Go electric or manual when possible, or mow your yard during the cooler hours of the day. Even small engines in gas-powered mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers release as much as 25% unburned gasoline into the air.

Drive less.

Carpool, take the bus, walk or bike whenever possible. Run all your errands in one trip – coordinate grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, carting kids and your commute into one journey.

Turn It Off.

Turn your car off when idling for 30 seconds or more. Idling for just 30 seconds uses more fuel than stopping and starting your engine.

Fill ’er Up Cool, and Stop at the Click.

Delay refueling vehicles and equipment until late in the day – after 7pm this allows fumes to disperse overnight. And stop when the pump automatically shuts off to reduce emissions and prevent overfilling.

Mulch, Don’t Burn.

Avoid burning leaves, trash and other materials. Instead, mulch or compost your leaves or yard waste.