Ozone high in the atmosphere protects us from the sun’s UV rays. Ozone at ground level is pollution that’s harmful to people, pets and plants. Learn the difference!
More than half of ground-level ozone comes from common daily activities, especially driving. Here are some little steps you can take to make a big impact on the air you breathe.
When we voluntarily reduce the emissions that pollute our air, we prevent the need for more expensive measures and government oversight. Find out what you can do now!
Bicycle to and from work all summer long for a chance to enjoy some friendly competition, see your city in a new way and win some great prizes. Compete as part of a team or on your own when you track your progress from May 1 – September 30, 2017.
Find out more about Little Steps. Big Impact. in the community. See what your neighbors are doing to be part of the clean air solution, download logos and graphics, and access resources.