During the months of June through September, hot, sunny and windless conditions increase the likelihood of poor air quality from high ozone pollution. On these days, everyone can take little steps to decrease their impact and improve the quality of our air.

MAPA and the Douglas County Health Department will issue a notice on Ozone Action Days and Ozone Alert Days when weather conditions lead to increased ground level ozone in the Omaha metro region. The alert will remain in effect for 24-hours.

However, being Ozone Aware is important too. Be sure to know your Ozone days and take action when it is needed to improve the air you breathe.

Air quality is acceptable; however, little steps should be taken to decrease your impact on air quality. Find out what you can do here.
Air quality is moderate; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a number of people who are sensitive to air pollution. Everyone is encouraged to limit activities that contribute to air pollution. Find out what you can do here.
Air quality is poor; everyone may begin to experience health effects while members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects. It is recommended that everyone take significant steps to limit all activities that contribute to air pollution, and if necessary, take protective measures when outdoors. Find out what you can do here.