Ozone’s Effect on Our Environment

Ground-Level Ozone is harmful to plants, crops and trees.

Ground-level ozone can have an impact on all living things, including crop production and forest growth. That’s because it interferes with the plant’s ability to produce and store food. This compromises the growth and reproduction of the plant.

But it doesn’t stop there. Weakened vegetation is more susceptible to disease, pests and environmental stresses like heat and drought.

What about crops?

In an area like ours, ground-level ozone can reduce agricultural yields. Sensitive plants include soybeans and alfalfa. And because ground-level ozone can be carried in the wind, even areas surrounding the metro can be affected.

How are trees impacted?

Studies have shown that trees are also at risk – especially fast-growing deciduous trees that our found in our area. During periods of high heat and high ground-level ozone, it can damage entire ecosystems for forests. Imagine the impact of that on our wildlife.